Addiction Treatment in Schertz, TX

When you need addiction treatment in Schertz, it's important to research the various programs for addiction treatment in the area. The first step is to ask for help, and then you will be assessed to determine what you need next for treatment. You'll enter some type of drug rehab, and you'll begin working with a therapist to come to terms with your addiction. If you have a dual diagnosis, you'll get treatment for your mental health needs as well as your substance abuse.

Addiction is an inability to stop using drugs or alcohol, despite your willingness to do so. Addiction treatment in Schertz begins with an assessment of your needs, and continues through drug rehab. You will then be considered for various programs for addiction treatment depending on your specific needs as an individual. Addiction is the physical dependence on drugs or alcohol, with a marked inability to stop without severe withdrawal symptoms. Addiction is a physical need for the substance, although emotional addiction is part of the picture too.

The Phases of Addiction Treatment in Schertz

Addiction treatment in Schertz will begin with an assessment to determine whether you need medical detox in Schertz, or you are ready for drug rehab right away. Programs for addiction treatment include a period of detox, short term rehabilitation, and then learning relapse prevention through counseling, inpatient treatment, or outpatient programs.

The initial assessment might occur at a drug rehab facility, or at an emergency room. If you are on drugs at the time, you may end up in an ER and need to be assessed right away. You will then go through a period of detox. If you are at risk for serious withdrawal symptoms, the detox will be a medical detox that is supervised by medical staff so that you are kept safe while the drugs or alcohol come out of your system.

After detox, you'll enter drug rehab for about a month. You'll begin counseling with a therapist to help you figure out the triggers that lead you to abusing substances. If you have a dual diagnosis, you'll enter one of the programs for addiction treatment that is for dual diagnosed individuals. Some people go home after rehab and begin a treatment program on an outpatient basis. This means you'll sleep at home each night, but go to a program during the day to learn more about addiction and ways to maintain sobriety.

If you are not ready to return home after rehab, you can enter a program on an inpatient basis. This type of program provides support 24 hours a day, and you live at the facility in your early stages of recovery. The length of your stay will vary, so discuss your options with your treatment team. It's intense treatment, and perfect for people who don't feel ready to return home after withdrawal.

Relapse prevention in Schertz is the final stage of recovery, and this goes on indefinitely. Relapse prevention is any and all therapies or treatment that help prevent relapse and protect your sobriety. As you build up your support network and learn new coping skills, staying sober will get a little easier. While relapse tends to be a part of the recovery process, your commitment to your sobriety will directly impact your risk of a relapse.

The Types of Addiction Treatment in Schertz

There are various programs and treatments to help you recover from drug or alcohol addiction. It's important to engage with an individual therapist right away so that you begin developing a strong relationship with a professional you can trust. Your therapist will be supportive of your sobriety, and may recommend other treatment options if you need to learn new ways to stay sober.

In addition to therapy, you can find groups that offer peer support for addicts trying to stay sober. 12-step groups are designed as a peer network, guiding you along the process of recovery. You might share your own story at a 12-step group, or hear speakers who have had similar experiences. You can also try alternative treatments that help reduce anxiety, stress and that will add to your overall wellness. Some people find that yoga classes, acupuncture, and massage all offer health benefits to the recovering addict as they reduce stress and enhance mindfulness. Call Schertz Alcohol Rehab now at (830) 872-3034.

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