Medical Detox in Schertz, TX

As you begin your journey to free yourself from drugs or alcohol, a medical detox in Schertz is usually the first step. It can be physically dangerous to withdraw from drugs or alcohol, and detox for drugs and alcohol is usually necessary. At a center for medical detox, your symptoms will be monitored and you will be medicated whenever possible to relieve your symptoms. Physically removing drugs or alcohol from your system is hard. When you try to do it on your own, this often leads to using again to get relief from the withdrawal symptoms.

The Basics of Medical Detox in Schertz

When you go to our center for medical detox in Schertz, understand that you will be closely monitored throughout the withdrawal process. Detox for drugs and alcohol can be dangerous. While symptoms can be mild, they can become much worse in a short period of time. If you try to detox at home and you begin to experience symptoms that are uncomfortable, it's time to head to a center for medical detox to ensure your safety. If you are addicted to alcohol and you begin experiencing shaking, anxiety, sweating or other symptoms, you will probably need medical intervention in order to stop drinking successfully. Withdrawing from substances is hard. Withdrawing from alcohol can be life threatening if you start seizing from the fast withdrawal.

Symptoms that Occur During Medical Detox in Schertz

Withdrawal symptoms will vary from person to person. A center for medical detox will monitor your symptoms for severity, and provide you with the medication you need to keep your symptoms under control. Detox for drugs and alcohol can cause confusion, anxiety, depression, sweating, insomnia, stomach upset, vomiting, and more. The symptoms you experience will depend on what drug you have been taking, how long you have been taking it, and how much of the substance you have consumed.

Alcohol withdrawal in Schertz is one of the more serious issues to deal with at a center for medical detox. People who are at a medical detox in Schertz trying to come off of alcohol may find that they begin to shake uncontrollably. This can lead to delirium tremens, hallucinations, fever and coma. Left untreated, a person trying to come off of alcohol can end up in a coma and die. If you are trying to quit alcohol, you will need professional help or you are putting yourself in physical danger.

When you are addicted to opiates, withdrawal symptoms are less severe than when withdrawing from alcohol. You may be tired, have stomach pain, become more anxious or depressed. The problem with coming off of prescription medications is that to relieve the symptoms, you can take the medication and they will stop. This is what leads most people to relapse. Trying to cope with symptoms on your own is very hard, and you will probably relapse because of the stress this causes on your body.

Why Medical Detox in Schertz is Necessary for Your Safety

The detoxification process is physically demanding, and the need to relieve symptoms often leads people back to the drug they are trying to come off of. Once you make the decision to get clean, medical detox will monitor your progress and make sure that you are safe. Symptoms can be only mildly irritating, but you may also experience wild mood swings that make it almost impossible for you to stay safe at home.

When you try to quit drugs or alcohol on your own at home, you may begin to hallucinate. This can lead to poor decision making and put you at risk. While symptoms may come on slowly, they can get serious very quickly. Detox is not something to take lightly. When you are committed to your health and wellness, you will enter a detox facility to stay safe while you withdraw from drugs or alcohol.

When you are ready to get your life back from the substances you are addicted to, it's time to consider detox. If you are addicted to alcohol, this usually requires you to go through a medically-assisted detox for your own protection. Coming off of other substances may be a bit easier, but you still may need a medical detox to stay safe in the process. When you are committed to your sobriety, you will enter treatment programs in Schertz that offers you the best protection and chance at success as possible. Call Schertz Alcohol Rehab Centers now at (830) 872-3034.

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