Drug Withdrawal in Schertz, TX

If you are going through drug withdrawal in Schertz, it's time to consider one of our drug withdrawal treatment programs in the area. When you are trying to remove drugs or alcohol from your system, it is almost impossible to do this without proper supervision and support. When you seek treatment for drug withdrawal, you are more likely to have success coming off of the drugs that you are addicted to. Once withdrawal symptoms begin, you might be very tempted to begin using again in an effort to make the side effects stop. Withdrawal is hard, and finding the support you need is critical.

Understanding the Basics of Drug Withdrawal in Schertz

The concept of drug withdrawal in Schertz is quite straight forward. Withdrawal is an expected group of symptoms that occur from removing or quickly decreasing the use of a particular drug. While symptoms and signs will differ among various drugs and alcohol, withdrawal is an anticipated part of removing drugs from the body. Drug withdrawal treatment programs understand the potential signs and symptoms, and how to help the individual with appropriate treatment for drug withdrawal.

The Causes of Alcohol and Drug Withdrawal in Schertz

Abruptly stopping or rapidly decreasing the use of a substance you are addicted to can cause withdrawal symptoms to begin. Drug withdrawal treatment programs in Schertz understand that treatment for drug withdrawal is different for every individual. While some people may have mild symptoms, others may progress until their symptoms are life threatening. The body gets used to the alcohol or drugs that you are addicted to. Removal of the drugs causes an almost rebound effect, and your body physically craves the substance. In the case of alcohol withdrawal, symptoms can become so severe that you suffer from seizures, fever and risk death.

How Long Drug Withdrawal Takes in Schertz

The length of time you will spend in one of our drug withdrawal treatment programs will depend on the drug you are addicted to and how well you handle withdrawal from the start.

Withdrawal from opiates such as Codeine, Vicodin, Oxycontin, Heroin and Percocet can cause withdrawal symptoms from one week to a month. While generally not life threatening, symptoms include irritability, anxiety, low energy, insomnia, vomiting, hot and cold sweats, and muscle pain.

Withdrawal from alcohol can be life threatening and generally requires treatment for drug withdrawal. Symptoms can get severe quickly, and quitting cold turkey is never recommended. Alcohol withdrawal can causes delirium tremens, severe shaking, high fevers, seizures, coma and even death.

Cocaine withdrawal symptoms can be felt as quickly as 90 minutes after the last use. Exhaustion, difficulty concentrating, anxiety and depression can all be symptoms of cocaine withdrawal. Symptoms generally abate within 7-10 days, and side effects are generally not physically dangerous.

Signs and Symptoms That You are Addicted to Drugs

Prescription drug addiction is usually the beginning of a more serious drug addiction to illegal substances. If you find yourself struggling to use your medications as prescribed, you could be addicted to your prescribed opiate medication. If you begin using the medication more often than is prescribed, addiction is highly likely. When you no longer feel the effect of the drug you are taking and you begin to use more, your body has become used to the medication.

If you find yourself looking for more ways to relieve symptoms that aren't controlled by your prescription medication, you could be addicted. If you are turning to illegal substances such as heroin or cocaine in an effort to get high, you have a problem with drugs that needs to be addressed.

When you are worried that your spouse is using drugs, you may notice a change in their behavior or that your finances are suddenly suffering.

Drug Withdrawal Treatment Options

If you are trying to come off of alcohol, you will probably need an inpatient, medical detox in Schertz in order to stay safe during the withdrawal process. When you haven't been using a substance for too long, you may be able to detox safely on an outpatient basis. Once you have removed the toxic substance from your system, your real work begins. You will need to find ways to work on your sobriety, and focus on building up a support network of peers.

When you are in your early stages of recovery, finding a good therapist is essential. You will want to learn new ways to handle the stress in your life, and figure out what triggers your substance abuse in the first place. Call Schertz Alcohol Rehab Centers now at (830) 872-3034.

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